10 Key Factors in Considering Carolina Paper

1. State-of-the-art fully automated bath tissue and paper towel converting line by Perini, Constellation S-8

2. Ability to produce the National Brand Equivalent quality product

3. Partnerships and contractual relationships with world-leading suppliers of equipment, paper and packaging

4. Our full service design & development department offers unique brand value for customer's private label programs

5. Proven track record of rapid response to our partners during the COVID supply shortage

6. Distribution & Logistic Service capabilities through our own fleet of delivery vehicles

7. Excellent customer service with 24/7 live assistance and fast decisions capabilities

8. Focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly and up to 100% recycled products

9. Proprietary Dispenser System available for private label to our partners

10. Unlimited, hastle-free, 100% guarantee on the quality of all our products and services