Our Products & Services

Away from Home Products:


Belfair products are made using the highest quality 100% recycled and post consumer fibers of up to 80%. Belfair products deliver superior every day performance and the environmentally friendly option people desire. These products are designed to provide a great value for our customers. All of our Belfair products are Green Seal certified.


Belfair Elite products provide superior look and feel plus premium performance. Belfair Elite products are made with virgin pulp and many items use air drying technology that produces a structured sheet with greater bulk for an unequaled feel. Belfair Elite is the brand needed when premium and quality are a must. Our kitchen roll towel is made from FSC-certified pulp.


Our proprietary dispenser system is uniquely designed to provide additional brand value to our partners by helping secure and enhance their market with proprietary product offerings of excellent quality. Our dispensers are offered at no initial investment under annual or multi-year contracts and are valuable when introduced as part of private label programs.

At Home Products:

TRADITIONS by CountrySoft®

Traditions by CountrySoft ® are products that are intended to provide premium and ultra premium quality comparable to National Brand Equivalent. These products offer the most common sheet sizes and sheet counts that are also easily modified. They are made using 100% virgin pulp through wet-laid and/or air-laid technology. All products are FSC certified.

GENERATIONS by CountrySoft®

Generations by CountrySoft ® has been developed to introduce products that are intended to create a distinguished and unique brand value, or to add an accent to a private label program. These products are ultra premium quality, are very large in diameter and firm to the touch. We utilize domestic and imported air-laid 100% virgin fiber of premium quality sourced from sustainable forests. All products are FSC-certified.

BOUQUET ® Brand Products

BOUQUET ® is a brand that offers a National Brand Equivalent ultra-premium quality products. Products are made using highest grade structured sheet for maximum absorbency and unequal hand feel. They are soft and strong, large in diameter and firm to the touch rolls. The products are offered in larger capacity bulk pack sizes. All products are FSC-certified.

SOFT PETAL ® Brand Products

SOFTPETAL ® brand includes products for every day use. They consistently deliver great every day performance and are designed to be economically efficient. These products offer full sheet size and width on the towel and bath and include larger and smaller sheet count products. SoftPetal brand items are great to use as promotional program items due to smaller footprint.


Natural Home Brands® Products are intended to be softer and friendlier to our environment with reduced carbon footprint but without sacrificing absorbency and softness. These products include categories that are created with at least 50% recycled content and are FSC certified and categories that employ 100% recycled materials with minimum of 80% post consumer waste. Products in these categories can be distinguished between premium and ultra-premium as both wet-laid and air-laid paper technology is utilized in this line.

Our Services Include:


Complete full service Private Label Development Team. Carolina Paper Converters® offers a "Full Service" product design and development department aimed to create unique brand value for our customers private label programs. These services include everything from custom roll production to custom graphics, packaging design and final assembly of "ready to ship" products. Please contact us at 1.800.951.2235 for more information about these programs.


Our own fleet of delivery vehicles and full-service logistics support. We are pleased to announce addition and expansion of our fleet services in 2021. We are fully certified to perform deliveries in nearly 50 States and are able to perform fleet services for others. This allows us to provide the best value to our customers and partners as it limits exposure to exponential increases in freight rates for all of us.

We provide excellent 24/7 customer service and support with the ability to make decisions and execute in record time.