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Belfair® is a brand that specializes in providing high-quality bath tissue and paper towel products for away-from-home use. By being our top-selling brand, Belfair® has established a reputation for reliability, customer satisfaction, and overall value. It is known for its commitment to sustainability, as it offers products made from 100% recycled paper.

Belfair® brand takes pride in its sustainable practices, catering to businesses that prioritize environmental responsibility. Belfair® products maintain a high standard of quality, providing reliable performance and competitive pricing while reducing the environmental impact.

This brand is available in all of the following manfactured products ;

Hardwound Towels, Notched Hardwound Towels, 10 inch Hardwound Towels, Centerpull Towels, Folded Towels, Kitchen Roll Towels, Napkins, Standard Roll Bath Tissue, Small Core Bath Tissue, Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue and Facial Tissue.

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