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Belfair® is a brand that specializes in providing high-quality bath tissue and paper towel products for away-from-home use. By being our top-selling brand, Belfair® has established a reputation for reliability, customer satisfaction, and overall value. It is known for its commitment to sustainability, as it offers products made from 100% recycled paper ... Read More

Belfair® Elite is a luxurious-quality brand of bath tissue and paper towel products designed specifically for away-from-home use. It is known for its premium attributes, utilizing 100% virgin paper and air-laid technology to deliver an elevated experience. Belfair® Elite caters to establishments that prioritize luxury and sophistication, offering a touch of indulgence in their bathroom essentials ... Read More

EmPower ™ dispensers are a cutting-edge controlled use dispenser system designed to enhance your experience with towel and toilet paper dispensing. With a focus on convenience, hygiene, and efficiency, EmPower TM dispensers revolutionize the way you manage and dispense essential paper products ... Read More

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